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DIY Valentine Treats + a Free Printable!

Valentine’s Day is almost here.

So you’re scrolling on Pinterest and see all those darling little DIY crafts to do with your kids or even by yourself and think “uh yeah, I could totally do this!” so that self confidence boosts you to click through and read how to get started.

But BOO! It involves about 47 items, 2 trips to Target, one to Home Depot and one to Michael’s to perfectly curate that “simple” DIY project.

Gulp. No thank you!

I get it. It’s all fun and games until you actually realize what it entails to make something super sweet but I’ve got you. I have a fun little Valentine hack that you can DIY even with your kiddos and best thing about it? You can get all of the items at Target! Or Amazon Prime if you’re obsessed like I am. 😉


  • Graham Crackers
  • Hershey’s Chocolate (Reese’s are fun too!)
  • Heart Shaped Marshmallows- in the Target Valentine section
  • Treat Bags- also in the Target Valentine section
  • Printable Tag (see download below!)

This is as basic as it gets so snag that little printable, grab your treat bags and a graham cracker, break off a piece of chocolate and add 2 heart marshmallows to each. After your bags are filled, fold your print in half so it has the sweet little message on each side and staple it to your treat bag to seal it. Ta-da! You just accomplished a Pinterest win!

Kuddos, mama!

This is a fun way to share some love with neighbors, people at church, family or if you’re feeling ambitious, you could make them for all the kids in your child’s class. Have fun with it!


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