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DIY Handmade Fathers Day Card

Save money on buying a Father’s Day card by having your kiddo(s) make one of their own! Or make one for your own dad! Handmade cards make thoughtful and unique gifts. This simple card is fun for kiddos, and adults, of all ages to make! It’s also not super messy because watercolors are easy to clean up. It utilizes wax resist, a fun art technique that requires only a few supplies that you may already have at home.

What you’ll need:

-blank card (or folded piece of construction paper)
-paint brush
-white crayon
-cup of water

1.) Using the white crayon, have yourself of your kiddo write out a message or draw a picture for dad on the blank card.

2.) Paint over the message using the watercolors. The wax crayon resists the paint and it’s like magic to watch the message peek through! Kids love this step.

3.) Allow to dry, write a sweet note inside, and give to your favorite dad.

Do you have a favorite craft you enjoy making for Father’s Day? We would love to hear! 

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