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Diary Of A Crazy Cat Lady Turned Mom


I became a first time cat mom in 2009. One year later, I added a third cat into the mix. I’m not entirely sure what possessed me as a single twenty something woman to acquire three cats.

Maybe I was trying to secure my destiny as a crazy cat lady!

I loved my cats. I celebrated their birthday’s, dressed them in sweaters, and left them alone with an extra bowl of food for long weekends when I wanted to leave town. They were lovable but self sufficient. Fast forward eight years and I’m pregnant with my first child. I brag about my cats to friends and acquaintances. I even start feeding a stray cat who roams my neighborhood, so it’s like I have four cats! People warn me, “Once that baby comes, your cats won’t be your babies anymore.” I scoff and tell them not to be ridiculous. My cats are awesome and once my baby arrives, I will love the cats just as much, if not more!

Plus, It will be fun to watch them interact with the baby!

Well, my precious nugget, Piper, arrived on February 6, 2016. Unlike my cats, I couldn’t leave Piper alone for long weekends AND she required lots of attention. So much so that contrary to my previous beliefs, my cats became just that; cats. The constant attention I once showered them with dwindled to a few head scratches before I passed out from exhaustion on the couch. Suddenly, my super low maintenance felines demanded constant attention and resorted to desperate acts, including following me around the house and rubbing on my legs whenever I stopped moving, meowing marathons, and sleeping on my head/pillow. They became so desperate, they sought attention from my husband. When he married me, he got a package deal!

In addition to changing dirty diapers and feeding a newborn, I got to change a litter box, pick up kitty pukes, and vacuum their hair, which seemed to cover every surface of my house.

They seemed like an inconvenience. They continue to eat, puke, and poop in their box, as animals do, and I clean up after them, because I like a clean house.

Currently, they have little interest in Piper; however, they’re getting more attention from my husband and I now that we’ve settled into some sort of parenting routine.

I’m not proud to admit that I’ve daydreamed about leaving the front door open and allowing them to discover more freedom…like a new home. But I would never do it. Although they drive me crazy and my priorities have changed (just check my cell phone pics); they are still my fur babies and I provide them with a pretty good life. They have been with me since I first made the crazy move from Michigan to Arizona. I think they love me, most of the time, and I think I love them too. Even when they curl up on my pillow and fall asleep on my head.

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