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Date Night Simple Flirty Smokey Eye Tutorial

This flirty smokey eye look is perfect for a romantic dinner date or just a night out on the town with the girls!

It’s fun and flirty, but also easy, because let’s be real, we are moms and time (and ease) is of the essence.

For this look, we will be using all Matte shades. I’ve linked 3 different palettes below that offer beautiful matte shades for this simple and sexy Smokey eye. 

High end: Anastasia BH Modern Renaissance Palette

Drug Store: BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 

In between: MorphexJaclynHill 

To start: prime and set your eyes. You can do this using a concealer and a setting powder or a translucent setting powder. 

Next:  Choose a light transition shade. I’ll be using the color Silk Creme from the Jaclyn Hill Palette. Apply this to the crease of the lid and the entirety of the lower lash line. 

Next: Apply a slightly darker shadow to the outer corner of the eye stopping the shadow right in the middle of the eye crease. For the lower lash line, only bring this color to the middle of the lash line. The color I’ll be using for this step is called Pukey. Make sure to really blend each shadow to ensure that you avoid harsh lines. I probably spend too much time blending but I really think that the more you blend, the more flawless this will look. 

(Patrick Starr has a video on blending that you can watch right here. )

Next: Moving on to our darkest color, I’ll be using a combination of Chip and Mocha on the outer corner of the lid & lash line. You want to keep this to the outer 3/4 of the lid and the lower lash line. It’s best to start with just a touch of your darkest color. If you need to build, you can. Starting with a heavy hand of color will make your eye look heavy and you can’t erase a heavy application… unless you want to start all over. 

For our final step: And my favorite part, is applying a highlight to the brow bone and inner corner. 

Once you’ve finished your eye look, you can simply add mascara to your lashes and eyeliner to your water line and you’re done. Or, if you want to get real glam, throw on some falsies, add a winged liner and call it a night. 

I hope you all enjoyed this simple and flirty sexy eye. Have a wonderful Valentines Day! 

May your day be full of love & laughter!



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