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Dad Review: 5 Reasons to Love the Toyota Sienna

Toyota recently allowed my family to review the Toyota Sienna in exchange for our honest opinion. #SwaggerWagon #LetsGoPlaces

5 Reasons to Love the Toyota Sienna

Before we found out we were expecting baby number two, we purchased a new vehicle. When car shopping, my husband refused to even entertain the idea of a minivan. He questioned why we would need that much space for only two children. I wasn’t too thrilled with being labeled a minivan “soccer mom” either, so we didn’t even test drive them. Big mistake, people! A smaller SUV may be sufficient for one child, but beyond that you’ll wish you had more room and all of the bells and whistles of a minivan. After driving around a Toyota Sienna for a week, my hubby is a total minivan convert. He actually won’t stop talking about it, so I had him blog about it. Here’s his review and reasons to love the Toyota Sienna: 

The Original Swagger Waggon. That’s the code name for this wonderful minivan made by Toyota, and I agree with that moniker whole-heartedly after my week of test driving a silver model provided to my family for our road trip to Legoland, California. This is one smooth operator of a vehicle, and I’m now a minivan fan after previously being a sceptic.

I always thought that minivans would provide a horrible driving experience. Comfortable for the passengers, sure, but fun for the driver? Probably not! Right? Wrong. Let’s go over my top 5 features of the 2015 Toyota Sienna that changed me from a true sceptic to a true believer.

Reason #1: Super Comfortable! The seating included lumbar support, heating to sooth sore muscles (since it’s still hot in Phoenix, I didn’t use this much), and plenty of leg room for a tall guy like me (I’m 6’ 4”). There were also nice luxury touches, like leather on the dash. This is truly a beautiful vehicle.


Reason #2: Blu-ray player and Ultra Wide monitor for the kids in the back. This was a life saver for our 6 plus long hour trip from Phoenix, AZ to Carlsbad, CA. The monitor drops down from the ceiling and can be viewed in original aspect ratio or two more wide modes, including an Ultra Wide mode that takes up the entire screen’s width. Sure, this does squash characters like Wall-E a bit, but I polled the kids opinion and have come to a conclusion: kids don’t care about aspect ratio, haha!

Reason #3: Auto adjusting cruise control. This was a new one for me and it was quite shocking at first. I set my cruise control speed to 75 miles per hour on the freeway and suddenly noticed the speed dropping automatically when we got closer to vehicles in front of us. The system is so smart that it detects traffic in front and will do all it can to prevent a collision. Brilliant!


Reason #4: Reverse camera. This was the first time I’ve used a reverse camera. It’s so handy; let me tell you, especially for a longer vehicle like a minivan. I was able to reverse with ease and tell if I was close to either people or curbs alike.

Reason #5: Cargo space. We were able to easily fit our double stroller, 3 large suitcases, and some smaller bags in the rear cargo space. And if we needed room for shopping bags, we used the 3rd row of seats for even more room!



What do YOU love about the Toyota Sienna?


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