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Creative Costume Creations:: Going Beyond a Basic Cinderella


Growing up, I was lucky to have a mom who is an incredibly creative and talented seamstress. Every Halloween my brother and I couldn’t wait to trick-or-treat and show off our neighborhood harvest festival award-winning costumes. Since I inherited about 5% of the sewing talent (even after classes and You Tube marathons) and I just can’t fathom purchasing generic superhero or sexy witch attire from a party store, I had to start getting creative once the days of childhood costumes were over.

When my husband and I started dating, we recreated everything from your typical Sandy and Danny from Grease to Sue Sylvester and a Cheerleader from Glee (imagine a 6’4” guy in a blonde wig and track suit calling out “that’s how Sue sees it!” to a house full of twenty somethings). It was the most fun when we got creative. I think one of our best was “boy in a box and a weather balloon.” Who can forget the big news story of 2009 where Americans paused their lives to watch in horror as we thought a six year old boy flew across Colorado in a homemade weather balloon? I maneuvered a party with a belt full of silver helium balloons while the husband strapped a box around himself using suspenders.  

In case you haven’t been planning Halloween costumes since April like me, here are a few Arizona-themed costumes that should be easy to replicate as a solo outfit to work, a couples costume (if you’re lucky enough to go out and get a sitter for a night), or even get the whole family involved.

Michael Phelps & a Shark

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The Discovery Channel did a great job marketing the hype around our favorite Phoenix Olympian who was to race a shark in open water during shark week. These 30 seconds of high rated but poorly executed TV can be recreated fairly easily for two people or a group. You just need one speedo and swim-cap wearing guy to display 8 US Olympic Gold Medals around his neck and be accompanied by one or more sharks. For the sharks, add white felt triangles to the hood of a grey sweatshirt as teeth. For an extra special touch, dig through your kid’s toy bins for a plastic hammer and adhere that to the top of the hood. There you have it – Phelps and a hammerhead shark. Wonder who will win this race to the finish for the most candy?  


This is an easy group costume that simply requires a handful of people to pull out that box of winter clothes and layer on the black. Recruit a Phoenix Sun’s fan to dress as their favorite player. Make sure your jersey-wearing sun spends the whole time surrounded by the shadows. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can choreograph some moments of eclipse action with a black sheet or umbrellas.

D-backs National League Celebration 

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As summer winds down, this is the perfect solution to re-purposing that warn out kiddie pool. Cut a hole in the middle of the pool large enough for your little baseball player. Then apply some creative engineering to securely hook up suspenders (elastic, straps, bungee cords even!) to this home run costume.  

Goat Yoga

This might be my favorite costume if I was judging on comfort and mom-style. For this one, you get to wear your favorite coordinating yoga ensemble and affix a stuffed animal goat to your back. Repeated sun salutations are optional.

Heat Wave 

Remember that week in June when it was 120 degrees? This can be recreated by re-purposing a red or white maxi dress into a thermometer (hot glue gun, felt, sharpie.) Have your partner in crime dress like a blue wave. Extra points if they’re able to recreate a swoosh of hair reminiscent of a high-schooler in the early 90’s or Cameron Diaz in “Something About Mary”.

Need some more ideas? Check out this post for some adorable and easy kid costumes!

Do you have any creative Arizona-themed costumes planned for Halloween?

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