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Consuming Your Placenta…Um, WHAT?

Yep, I said it. I am planning on ingesting my placenta.

OK, maybe its not that dramatic. This process is growing in popularity but still has a stigma attached to it. Why? 

I want to share with you a bit more about the process. And no I am not going to actually EAT placenta. I am getting my placenta encapsulated to take postpartum. I’ve always been a little bit on the “hippie side” but you don’t have to be a “naturalist” to see the benefits of this process. I certainly try and go the natural route when I can – as should we all.  

I am definitely not against Modern Medicine, as it has a very important role in health. But I will say that when I can go natural, I do. 

I am currently pregnant with baby number 4. And I am making sure that this go around is COMPLETELY different than my last delivery and postpartum. Baby number 3’s delivery was very hard. And not because it had to be, but because it was forced, I was disrespected, I was exhausted and my care was terrible. But thats a different post for another day, my friends. This time around, I am #ChoosingMyTeamWisely 

But one important aspect of this whole baby thing is the postpartum care. It’s hard already. So anything to make it better, I am down for. Hear for yourself all about Placenta Encapsulation from our very own Partner and Sponsor for Bloom, Kelly Sunshine with Sunshine Doula Services::

“When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she certainly understands that her life is going to change forever. There is so much joy to look forward to; bonding, bringing your precious baby home, hearing their first laugh and seeing their first smile. She knows that her body is in for some changes too. It is no secret that pregnancy and childbirth are hard work and come with many sacrifices to the mother’s body. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) acknowledges that a woman’s weight, skin, hair, breast, bones and foot size may all incur changes postpartum. Combine these with a rapid decrease in estrogen levels, which affects mood, outlook and sex drive and adjusting to this new season of life can be very challenging. The physical recovery from giving birth coupled with sleep deprivation alone can wreak havoc on your mood and self-esteem. You owe it to yourself and your family to accept any assistance available to help get through this period.

One extremely helpful choice that you can make is the option of Placentophagy (or Placenta Encapsulation), which is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been dehydrated, ground and placed into pills. These pills are taken by the mother after childbirth and they impart numerous health benefits. This is not a new or scary concept. It has been practiced in many cultures throughout the world especially in the Far East as long ago as in the 1500’s, longer than modern medicine has even existed. It is used and widely proven to alleviate anxiety and fatigue, replace lost iron, nutrients and energy levels in postpartum women among several other benefits including; reduction in the occurrence of “baby blues” and postpartum depression, increase in breast milk production, providing natural pain relief from the labor and birthing process and increase in oxytocin levels (the love hormone that promotes bonding). In addition, it stabilizes hormones and mood, decreases infection and enhances wound healing all while reducing postpartum bleeding. Bottom line, there is a way to make a positively impactful difference for a new mother’s mental health, recovery and well-being. The placenta, an organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy is made up of a combination of cells. This miraculous interface between the mother and the baby, which provides oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus, typically reaches about one pound by the end of pregnancy. Growing a healthy placenta takes nearly the same care as growing a healthy baby. Knowing that you grew one of the world’s most nutrient dense superfoods, why would you simply discard it?”

Kelly Sunshine is a DONA International certified Birth Doula with 6 years of experience who has overseen over 400 births and prepared over 825 placentas. As a placenta encapsulation specialist she adheres to all OSHA guidelines regarding blood borne pathogen transmission, infection prevention, standards for sanitation and safe food handling. She will pick up your placenta within 15 hours from the time you deliver your baby and will return your capsules to you within 24-48 hours from the initial pick-up. She delivers them to you either at the hospital or at your home.

Make sure to get your tickets to Bloom so you can chat with Kelly in person! 

Kelly Sunshine, Sunshine Doula Services

(602) 410- 5968

[email protected]

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