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A Complete Learning Experience with Mathnasium

Here we are three months after Rylee began math tutoring at Mathnasium and I wanted to give an update. 
I have loved watching Rylee’s confidence grow each week in regards to math.
As I mentioned before, math was not her strong suit and she was becoming discouraged.

I can’t express how much it has helped having someone explain math in a way she understands. The environment is fun and the tutors are hands-on so the children grow in a way they aren’t always able to in a classroom with 30+ students.

Also, they do not have the distractions of doing homework at home – they are able to focus on learning basic math or their specific needs that day! 

A Few Helpful Tips:

  1. Go consistently- they recommended at least two/three times a week. (You do not pay per class, it is unlimited- take full advantage!) 
  2. A longer time frame over all is going to make the biggest difference. Two months has already made a difference so I can’t imagine what a full six months or year would do for her confidence and skills! 
  3. Find a tutor your child enjoys working with and go around their schedule. (Rylee enjoyed several of the tutors but a parent told me they do this and it solidified consistency with their child even more) 
  4. Ask for help with homework! Rylee has circled questions she didn’t understand at school and they will explain it until she does understand. They can work from their math curriculum or do homework- just communicate your wants and needs! 
  5. Read your emails. They send regular progress reports and updates on your child. They also communicate with your child’s teacher so you are all working as a team with the same goal! 
  6. Praise your kiddo! Don’t forget to keep encouraging your child through the process- mathnasium is great at this but nothing like hearing it from mom or dad 🙂 
This is a sponsored post for our partner Mathnasium. We received tutoring services at no cost for our review. As always our opinions are our own and this review is an honest one.

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