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Cloth and Flame – Desert Dinners

This is a sponsored post. I had the opportunity to attend this event compliments of Cloth and Flame. My opinions are my own and this review is an honest one.

This past weekend my husband and I were able to attend the most incredible Dinner put on by Cloth & Flame.

And when I say incredible, I mean absolutely stunning.

I think living in Arizona my whole life, I have grown too “comfortable” with the desert and the mountains. I don’t look around and appreciate them as much as I should, because I see them every single day. But this dinner gave us a whole new perspective on our beautiful Phoenix Desert that we live in. 

On January 21st, we gathered with a bunch of fellow strangers in a warehouse waiting to be bussed to the middle of the desert. (Sounds kind of creepy, but it’s not, I promise!) As we sipped on Cartel Coffee and some homemade cookies, we anxiously awaited this awesome experience. Finally, we jumped on the busses and started driving away. Its funny because just the day before, it rained non stop and we were so worried that it would ruin the dinner. But as we pulled into the desert, we weren’t greeted with a muddy mess, but instead a surprisingly green desert and a beautiful farmhouse table set up with bistro lights carefully hung all around it. 

Chef Stephen Jones of The Larder + The Delta prepared the most incredible 5 course meal for us while The Apartment Bartender mixed custom drinks for all the attendees. Sounds pretty swanky? It was, my friends. Check out the menu below… 

pepper feta | honeycomb | pistachio | sango radish salad

Ash Cooked Beets
arizona 1000 bean stew | pickled mustard seeds | sonoran white wheat berry 

Whole Rainbow Trout
creamed chicos | charred spring onions | salsa verde

Grilled Quail
noble granary corn grits | broccolini | grilled meyer lemon | chicken sauce

Roasted Local Pear
banana oatmeal granola | caramel | buttermilk ice cream

I could not believe my eyes or my taste buds when a new dish was set in front of me. The Ash Cooked Beets was the most outstanding thing I have ever tasted. And beets people, BEETS! It was this incredible bean stew/bean salad with more flavor than anything I’ve ever tasted. And to top it all off, Chef Stephen literally dug a hole, put hot coals in it and cooked our fish over an open flame. #StopItRightNow. Not only was the chef + mixologist incredible but the service was top notch. There was never a second that I went without anything I needed. They were always making sure everyone was good, drinks were full, wine glasses were never even close to empty and lots of water for this pregnant chick! Such a great team! 

This is an event you don’t wanna miss! 

UPCOMING EVENTS:: They have a few dates coming up including a Valentine’s Dinner on the 14th and a Cartel Coffee Pairings Brunch February 26th.  Yes, a brunch…..#ImTotallyThere 

A huge thank you to Cloth & Flame for having us at this incredible event and we cannot wait to attend the next one! 

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