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Why I Chose a Home Birth


I chose to have a home birth. 

When most people hear the words ‘home birth’ they often think of pain and the scary what ifs that could happen by being away from a hospital.

I know this, because every time I mentioned a home birth to anyone, they looked at me like I was a sadist, going out of my way to endure the most painful experience of my life, all while putting myself and my baby in danger. (Their words of course, not mine.) My own husband even thought I was crazy. He thought a midwife was a part of witchcraft and joked about the songs she would sing at the birthing ritual.

Each time I heard negative comments or got the look that I was insane, I remembered why I chose this in the first place. It started by reading a friend’s birth story. It was so raw and emotional. I had never heard anyone speak of birth the way she did. It was like an adventure worth remembering, rather than an awful moment you just had to get through.

When we first found out I was pregnant, I had an appointment with an ob. Fortunately for me, they won’t see you until you’re about 2 months, so I started to do some research. I have never been fond of going to doctors and wanted something less medical for something that seemed so natural. I read all the pros and cons of a home birth and decided the pros outweighed the cons. I then found a midwife that did home births. She is one of the most experienced midwives in Phoenix and is highly educated. She even trains aspiring midwives. I cancelled my ob appointment and made an appointment to meet with her instead.

At this point I knew what I wanted but getting my husband on board was another story.

After meeting with the midwife, my husband Kevin, was surprisingly accepting of my choice. I don’t know if it was her soothing voice, her degrees and certifications on the wall, the way she answered all of our many questions, or the fact that I was 100% into her being the one to deliver my baby, but he was good with it immediately.

I spent the next 8 months sharing why I felt a home birth was better than a hospital birth with anyone that would listen and gathering more research to back my choice, as well as educate myself to the fullest. Some of the reasons I shared were personal and some were flat out statistics. I personally felt hospital births had unnecessary interventions which could cause labor to slow and possibly end in a C-section.

For myself, being in charge of my birth was important to me. Completing the journey with my baby in my home was all I wanted and there was no way I was going to a hospital to experience this magical moment.

I also read positive affirmations daily. I needed to make sure I was in the right mind set as I knew natural births were by no means easy. I had to will my body to open, become one with the pain, work with my baby so that she came with ease. I was determined to have my baby at my home. 

Check Back tomorrow for the conclusion of my homebirth story. 

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