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Childcare for the Stay at Home Mom?

Yes, I said it!

Childcare for the stay at home mom or the work from home mom!

Most childcare facilities are long term with only half day or full day options and for stay at home moms or sometimes even work from home moms, that’s just not necessary. Sometimes you just need someone to take the kids for 2 hours so you can go to a doctor’s appointment alone. Maybe even a lunch with a friend or even date night (those sitter costs can sometimes get steep amiright?!) If you are a work from home mom and you have a meeting or a deadline that might not be possible with kiddos hanging around. And don’t get me wrong, the benefit to being a work from home mom is NOT to use daycare and save some money. But every once in awhile, there are those days where you just need help.

Kidspark is available week days, evenings and weekends – for just an hour or a full day. They are there to help mama and make sure your kid(s) have a blast!

“I had my first experience with Kidspark and what a resource they are! I had a business meeting that I just couldn’t get coverage for. Taking 3 kids with me wasn’t an option. So I decided to try out Kidspark. I was running behind, of course, but they got me in and out in record time. I was able to get to my appointment on time. I was back to my kids in an hour and they had provided them with snacks (ladies they even provide dinner if your kiddos are there in the evening!) My kids had so much fun – my oldest boy actually asked if he could stay there and go home with a staff member! 😉 This childcare option is clearly kid and mom approved!” – Rachel Harding 

Kidspark Arrowhead recently opened here in the West Valley and just saved the day in the childcare department! Here is what they offer – taken straight from their website! 

Hourly Care

  • On your own schedule. Come when you need us – days, evenings and weekends.
  • For young children new to childcare, keep your first visits short till they are comfortable with the routine.

Back-up Care

  • Be prepared. Come for a tour and register so you are ready if there is a schedule glitch or your regular provider or school is closed
  • For young children, have them visit a few times before they are left for a full day so they are comfortable with the environment.

Preschool Education

  • Pick your schedule. Pick your days. Perhaps come for 1 or 2 days a week until they are use to school. Then, add more days.
  • Do you usually come Monday-Wednesday-Friday but one week you miss Wednesday? No problem, come Tuesday or Thursday or skip a day.
  • Lessons are repeated throughout the week in new ways to engage all learners. This method is ideal with children on different schedules.  Each child is exposed to the same material.
  • No need to pay when you are on vacation or your child doesn’t attend.

How cool is this?? Lunch date anyone?? Go check them out and tell them West Valley Moms Blog sent you or check that box when doing your registration paperwork! 

This post was sponsored by Kidspark but my opinions are my own and this review is an honest one.
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