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Cheap and Creative Exercise Equipment

Cheap and Creative Exercise Equipment

I’m not sure if everyone does this, but for me anytime I get something new that is fitness related I get excited for my next workout! It doesn’t have to be anything big new shoes, tank top, even new songs on my ipod etc and I am pumped to workout. Sometimes workouts can become so monotonous that one little new thing can spark that excitement all over again. I have recently found this with new equipment, when it’s new and something I haven’t done in awhile I am more likely to get out there and sweat. I thought I would share 3 of my new favorite pieces of equipment and some exercises that you can do from home, and the equipment won’t break your bank, hope you enjoy! 

1) Weighted jump rope: you can buy one at any sports equipment store for about $30-$40. Be careful because with the extra weight sometimes the handle can slip out of your hand. You can jump rope for a certain count, for example do 20 jumps then rest, then 30 jumps etc. Or you can set a timer and jump for that certain time. Record your progress, and each day compare so you can see the gains you are making each time.

2) Plant roller: this is found in the plant section at Home Depot or Lowe’s, runs about $15 and is a round plastic circle on 4 wheels. Here are a few of my favorite exercises on it- a) get in a plank on your hands and your toes on the roller, roll the roller into your tummy and then back out into your plank, then roll the roller up to your right elbow, back to plank and then your left elbow and back to plank to work your obliques or otherwise known as love handles. b) stand up – put your right foot on the roller, with most pressure on your toes, squat down a little and take your leg that is on the roller and roll it back into a lunge and then roll back into a standing position, repeat this on the other leg. C) Lay on your back and put your heels on the roller, lift your hips to the sky and roll the plant roller into your fanny and then roll straight back out, this will work your hamstrings, the backs of your legs!

3) 2 Frisbees: with summer here you can find these at Walmart for $1 each. On a smooth surface, put your toes on the Frisbees and get in a plank position- walk yourself only using your hands across the surface about 15 feet, your legs stay straight (you should almost look like a seal) This will work your abs and shoulders. For some cardio stay in your plank and toes on Frisbees and take your legs out and in as if you were doing a jumping jack otherwise known as plank jacks! Lastly, you can go outside throw the Frisbee as far as possible, sprint and get it and sprint back and repeat!

Hope you have fun getting your sweat on with some fun and new equipment. Get creative, laugh and turn the music up and the time will fly by. 


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