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‘Tis the Season. Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Food | Childhood Obesity Awareness

‘Tis the Season. Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Food A friend of mine once told me, “more than half of parenting is figuring out how to parent yourself.” As a mom to two small girls, this is something I have come to appreciate, and have been humbled by on more than one occasion. Her [...]
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How Fire Changed Our Lives: Part 1

October 31st, 2012. I wish I had known how drastically our life was going to change. My husband had just taken a job in New Jersey. In 3 weeks time we packed up our home and left all we knew to move across the country.  We were just getting settled into our new apartment. Todd […]

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The Things They Say…

They said there may be days like this. A rough patch caused by stress. Money, family, work, any outside influence, really. But I never thought I’d really be in the relationship where the kids are in one room playing while we are in another threatening each other with divorce. Sometimes it feels like I fell […]

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Hey Mama! Put The Guilt Sandwich Down

I have personally come under attack tons in my walk in parenthood. No topics is free from criticism and critique. Everything from having my kids too close together in age, having too many kids, going back to work too soon, giving them technology too much and the list goes onnnnnn and PAINFULLY on. I’m a […]

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mom guilt

You Got This…

Mom guilt is real.    It’ll sneak up on you out of nowhere and make you feel like you’ve failed. It makes you second guess yourself and feel like you don’t know what to do.    Over the past few months, our family has been hit hard with sickness. We’ve had strep so many times […]

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Gift Ideas for Mom Friends

The season of gift giving is here and the Christmas lists keeps getting longer and the stress of what to get everyone creeps up and then suddenly you have a week or maybe a few days before Christmas and you still need to shop for a few mom friends. I love shopping for my mom friends […]

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