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‘Tis the Season. Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Food | Childhood Obesity Awareness

‘Tis the Season. Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Food A friend of mine once told me, “more than half of parenting is figuring out how to parent yourself.” As a mom to two small girls, this is something I have come to appreciate, and have been humbled by on more than one occasion. Her [...]
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I Had an Ectopic Pregnancy

So here it goes… I have lost a baby during pregnancy, I had an ectopic pregnancy.  You see it’s so hard to put it into words the feelings one has when they are told they are going through a miscarriage, or are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, or have a still birth. And so many of […]

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A Soccer Moms Boo Boo + Candy Free Halloween Team Treat

I sometimes get the comments that I’m a ‘supermom’ or people questioning how do I do it all. I don’t. Put simply. You might say to yourself, “Oh look at these favor treats she put together for the soccer ⚽️ team. She did it just because of the holiday. I wish I could do something […]

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Self Care: Should We Fika? – The Swedish Brilliance of Taking a Break

September is National Self Care Awareness Month. This month, West Valley Mom’s Blog, its leadership, and its contributors, encourage you to purposefully focus on self care. Our goal is to encourage you to implement self care as part of your daily routine. Our contributors will provide different perspectives on the many forms of self care […]

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