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New Year, New Adventures!

We’re a couple weeks into 2017 now and I heard on the radio today at this point, 92% of people have already fallen off the wagon with their New Year resolutions. That’s a quick 17 days and they’ve already either failed at making their goal or simply said, “Nope, I’m over it! Maybe next year.” […]

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featured wvmb stop being a digital hoader

Stop Being A Digital Hoarder

Alright, this may be the pot calling the kettle black but I have a bone to pick with my fellow moms. As I’m writing this, I’m also speaking to myself.  I’m not about confrontation but I do believe in saying whats needed when needed.  This is needed for your children’s legacy. STOP BEING A DIGITAL HOARDER  […]

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Minecraft Coding Classes

I know there are lots of moms out there who know the unmistakeable elevator music of Minecraft. Kids all over the world have caught on to the craze! How can you turn that interest into something educational or even just a date night? We tried out Codakid in Scottsdale last weekend and it’s definitely worth […]

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Boom Swimmer Speaker Giveaway |

Technology Holiday Deals at AT&T

Hi West Valley Moms! Are you a tech mom or have have techies in your family? US TOO! You’ll be happy to know that our local AT&T community has everything you need this season to meet your savvy technology needs! Seriously if you’re shopping last-minute deals, here are some great ones! CURRENT AT&T DEALS: Switch […]

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