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A Fast and Easy Makeup Look…

  Remember when you had HOURS to get all dolled up??? You could take a bubble bath, paint your nails, curl your hair, and you could do your makeup without someone trying to crawl up your leg and pull your pants down. Ah, the glory days… While we may not have the time for all […]

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The 10 Toy Rule

Hello my looooves! How are you doing after these holiday festivities have settled? I’m sure most people are thankful that the chaos has come to a halt. I, for one, am happy to be settled into a normal routine, again. And, speaking of routine, here is one routine, or rule, I suppose, that I think […]

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Holy Cannoli!

Every Christmas I make homemade cannoli’s. This is a tradition I started when I was six months pregnant with my first born Jenna. It may have been caused by pregnancy cravings, but that’s a whole other blog post and beside the main point. That very first attempt, I mastered the cannoli shells perfectly. This past Christmas, […]

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