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‘Tis the Season. Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Food | Childhood Obesity Awareness

‘Tis the Season. Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Food A friend of mine once told me, “more than half of parenting is figuring out how to parent yourself.” As a mom to two small girls, this is something I have come to appreciate, and have been humbled by on more than one occasion. Her [...]
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girl wash your goals

Girl, Wash Your Goals!

Girl, wash your goals?! I have a horrible confession. I may lose friends if anyone finds out who wrote this. It’s the reason I contemplated writing this anonymously, because I may get threats for saying this. It’s caused embarrassment and so many awkward situations for me. Ok, here it is goes…. I LOVE Rachel Hollis. […]

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How Fire Changed Our Lives: Part 2

To read Part 1, go here. “Molly, this is Brian. Todd uh, he’s been in an accident at work and he got burned. They are taking him to the hospital in Trenton, and he’s in the ambulance now.” Ummmm, what? By this time, my phone was at 2% battery and I still couldn’t get my […]

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I Had an Ectopic Pregnancy

So here it goes… I have lost a baby during pregnancy, I had an ectopic pregnancy.  You see it’s so hard to put it into words the feelings one has when they are told they are going through a miscarriage, or are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, or have a still birth. And so many of […]

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Valley Pumpkin Patches

Valley Pumpkin Patches

This year has been one of the funnest starting out the fall season! With my youngest being 1 year old, we decided to be a little more adventurous with our fall activities. In the last few weeks we have visited 3 local pumpkin patches! There is still time this month to get in you pumpkin […]

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