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You Rock!

Before I became a mom, I worked to eradicate hunger by developing city and county adopted policies with supportive programming focused on the availability of locally grown seasonal produce. One day I would be on a farm, another day meeting with the mayor and elected officials, and the next day adding new merchandising in a […]

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Creative Costume Creations:: Going Beyond a Basic Cinderella

  Growing up, I was lucky to have a mom who is an incredibly creative and talented seamstress. Every Halloween my brother and I couldn’t wait to trick-or-treat and show off our neighborhood harvest festival award-winning costumes. Since I inherited about 5% of the sewing talent (even after classes and You Tube marathons) and I [...]
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DIY Wine Bottle Wall Vase Featuring Speak Wines

So I’m one of thoooose moms, the kind that loves their wine. My taste for wine didn’t happen until my late twenty’s I would say. But once it did I was hooked on Reisling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and all those tasty white wines. They stole my heart and taste buds. Well a while back I […]

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