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California Inspired Fashion in 3 Steps


I’m so excited to share with you today some California Inspiration outfits. I recently had the opportunity to visit California on vacation and while I was there I loved “people watching.” It seems to me like California people are always beautiful and super fashionable. I loved spying out what everyone was wearing and did a little shopping to bring the California vibe home with me. And as soon as I got home, I began pulling together a few pieces from my closet to add to my Cali clothes and came up with 3 simple California-inspired outfits!

Here are the closet staples you’ll need to copy these outfits: distressed boyfriend jeans, flannel, a printed tee, and a kimono, Converse.

Outfit #1: Flannel and Denim


I saw a lot of flannel with cut-off shorts in California. I like to keep my outfits modest so I skipped out on the short-shorts and went for some boyfriend jeans instead! I layered my flannel shirt over a printed tee (see #3) and added my Converse tennies to finish off the look. 

I love the laid back, casual look to this outfit. It’s totally in-line with the California feel. And this outfit not only looks good, but is a comfortable, “on-the-go” outfit  for a busy mom.

Outfit #2: Floral Kimono


My next piece I saw everywhere in California: kimonos. People were sporting kimonos in so many different prints and styles, but I loved this floral one that I found at a boutique there. Kimonos are hot right now and, as usual, Californians are right on trend. I love the light-weight, loose, and flowy feel of the kimono and the casual elegance it brings to my outfit.  


I paired the kimono with the same boyfriend jeans and a bright shirt underneath. I used gold accessories and tan sandals to complete the outfit. 

Outfit #3: Printed Tee


Everyone in Cali has on printed tees. You walk into any clothing store and they are full of them! So of course if I wanted to bring home California fashion, I needed to come home with one of these babies. It’s a big trend right now! And I love my printed tee that I got from a store in California. The bigger it is the better. I like when my shirts fit loose and baggy (weird, I know).


I paired it with the same jeans and tan wedges. You could also add black tennies with this look, like I wore with outfit #1. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create simple California-inspired outfits if you have a few signature pieces paired with some basic items from your closet. If you noticed, I wore a lot of the same stuff (i.e. jeans, jewelry, etc.)

 If you are in love with California fashion like I am, I hope I provided some inspiration for your wardrobe today! Which look did you like the best? Are there any pieces you’re hoping to add to your own closet?  

One Response to California Inspired Fashion in 3 Steps

  1. Jane (bookroo) March 19, 2015 at 1:08 pm #

    I’ve seen so many cute printed tees since moving to California! Love your third outfit 🙂

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