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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Us moms are used to continuously being in a temporary seasons. Stages if you will. 

From newborn, infant, crawler, walker, etc. We are constantly hitting new mile markers with our children. The same goes for our mommy friends. 

I recently had a falling out with a long time friend. I know it happens sometimes with the change of seasons. Because of that, I have changed a lot in my life. I have changed the way I look at life, the way I want to live it and the way I want to raise my kids in it. 

I have put my entire focus on being a “in the moment” mom and surround myself with motivating and uplifting friendships, and I’ve learned to give grace in difficult times. I truly believe it takes a village to raise your kids and I honestly can say I love my tribe!

I’ve been through my share of rough patches with relationships, with family and friends. I’ve got caught up in unnecessary, dead end relationships that caused me only heartache. My focus wasn’t where it was suppose to be and I knew I needed to change that fast for myself and for my family.  I wasn’t giving all my attention to my family, I was constantly second guessing myself and over analyzing everything! I started having anxiety, it wasn’t healthy!

Along with the support from my tribe I was able to lean on my faith to guide me through these difficult times, but necessary changes. I felt that I was being guided on this path of finding myself. Certain people were placed in my life (I needed them) and others were entirely removed from my path (it was time for us to part ways.)

It’s never easy to say goodbye. I can tell you I didn’t see this coming, this recent falling out. At first I was in shock and didn’t know how to handle it or how to understand it but I just kept my faith and trusted God’s plan – that this is exactly what I needed! 

In this season I have come to realization that I NEED quality of friendships over quantity of friendships. 

I love my small circle, it’s cozy! But I KNOW I can rely on these women and that they will be that support system for me as a friend, a sister I never had and a fellow mom friend who completely understands the mom life struggle. 

To be able to just call a friend and know she will actually answer the call and talk to me is huge. It shows me she genuinely cares for me and what I have to say. I’m beyond thankful for a friend to stay on the phone with me (for well over an hour) to make sure I’m in a good place. A friend that communicates to me that she was there for me no matter what! Sometimes that’s all we need. For our true, genuine friends to simply be there for us.

I still have some struggles on my path but I know once I come to the end, I will be refreshed and strong!

If you’re going through relationship heartache, remember that this is just a temporary season. Recognize this feeling and use that pain (in a constructive way) to get you far away from those feelings and the cause of that heartache. You are first in your life.

Control it, embrace it, love it and love you!
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