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A Boxing Story :: Breaking Away From The Norm

“Keep an open mind” he said as I opened my gift.

I was nervous…

For Christmas, my husband gifted me with a two week pass to a local boxing gym, Title Boxing Club. He had been telling me for some time that I would benefit from hitting a punching bag. Obviously, he thinks I’m angry, or something… He may be right.


I’m a cardio enthusiast and a creature of habit. I enjoy working out for a myriad of reasons, but like most of us, I have the tendency to get stuck in the same exercise routines. Which results in dragging myself to the gym or just completely giving up and camping out on the couch. Since becoming a mom, I have taken full advantage of the child care center at our gym, which will provide care for my baby for up to TWO HOURS per day! Sometimes I go to the gym, drop my kid off, grab my book and go sit by the pool. Don’t judge me. I’m working out my brain cells!


So, when I received this new pass to a gym that does not have child care, I was skeptical. I told my husband I would give it a shot. The boxing gym staff members said to bring my baby to class. In fact, their exact words were, “You don’t need a sitter”. That’s good, because I don’t have one.

I was also skeptical because I’ve never tried boxing or watched it. I was a complete novice.

Additionally, I would be performing my amateur moves in front of an audience; a class instructor, and other class attendees. Entertainment for them maybe but not so much for me. 


I arrived at my first class early so the staff could tape my wrists and I could settle my daughter into her stroller on the sidelines. I gave her a book and her pacifier and also had a bottle and 27 toys on board in case of a complete meltdown. Did I mention I was the only person there with a baby? I felt awkward. The hour long class started and it required a lot more coordination than I anticipated. I had to actually think while repeating the combinations, “jab, cross, hook, upper cut”. But the instructor was patient, positive, and helpful. Between the loud music and people watching, my daughter was content in her stroller for the majority of the class.


I have been to several more classes since that first one and eventually decided to join the boxing gym. It’s incredibly refreshing to try something new and after each class I feel stronger and more coordinated than the previous class. My daughter gets fussy sometimes but she’s also competing with some pretty loud music and energy.
If you enjoy working out, or even if you don’t, why not try something new (and maybe a little scary)? A Zumba class, a 5k run, a hike up a mountain, yoga in the park. You may surprise yourself and end up loving it. Maybe it’s something you’ll be able to incorporate into your life on a regular basis. Or you may end up hating it, and that’s okay too.

Just keep moving.

A year ago I never would have tried boxing. I guess my husband knows me better than I thought.


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