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Board & Brush Mom’s Night Out Recap

We had the opportunity to host our first Mom’s Night Out of 2017 at Board & Brush (Glendale, AZ) and what an experience it was!

From the moment we posted tickets for sale (which sold out in what seemed like moments) up to the night of the event we just knew that everyone involved was going to have a wonderful time. The buzz in our Facebook group event was nothing but excitement about this creative gals night out!

The style of the Board & Brush studio couldn’t be cuter! As soon as we arrived to set up we felt right at home. I mean with wood boards, paint and tools how could any DIYer not be in heaven…amiright?! The wood pallet signs that adorned the walls really got our creative juices flowing. And staff was so welcoming and rolled out the red carpet for our team and guests. We can’t wait to get back into that studio! The team mentioned that there was a party for a group of 7 year old girls after our MNO and seriously considered crashing the party the next day! Hehe! 😉

Board & Brush is BYOB – so of course we had food, wine and treats a plenty!

Hello Pita Jungle (Arrowhead location), Speak Wines and Moffas Muffintops cookies!

After arriving attendees hung their bags up, grabbed an apron, got their share of food and wine and settled into their places, which already had been set up (you can even request who to sit next to for your Board & Brush experience.

Supplies are the centerpieces of each oversized project table. Each table is assigned a team member who will walk you step by step through your experience. Once you have an idea of the finish you want for your piece any stains, paints, etc. you need for that style will be brought right to your place setting!

Guests are then guided through the process of sanding, staining, painting, sanding again, stenciling, painting, sanding AGAIN, waxing and adding hardware. Phewph! Sounds so easy right?! Well it doesn’t come without many questions. The Board & Brush team is at your beaconed call and eager to make your project the very best it can be!

One thing we loved most was that attendees could pick which wood pallet sign they wanted and each person could create a sign that would fit best in their home. Individual projects + a night out with the gals…what could be better than that?

We can’t wait to come back and visit them VERY SOON! Check out their calendar for upcoming eventsA VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to our sponsors Board & Brush, Pita Jungle, Speak Wines, and Moffas Muffintops cookies!

Did you attend our event? Would you attend the next Board & Brush event? Comment below! We would love to hear. 

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