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Blending Family Holiday Traditions – A Go or Bust?

Blending Family Holiday Traditions - A Go or Bust

Each and every year, my husband and I sit down and start to discuss our holiday lists.

What to get the kids? What to get our families? What to get for each other? Some days this conversation can go on and on, and others – it’s a 5-minute discussion because we are so in tune with one another.

The one thing, even after more than 12 years of marriage, we are still find ourselves discussing each year, holiday traditions.

You see, as a child growing up, I had MY special, certain little traditions that, I’ll just come out and say it – I am just honestly having a hard time letting go of. They worked for many years and they have continued to work, so if it ain’t broke?

The issue you see is, my sweet loving husband, ALSO has HIS traditions, and combining traditions sometimes turns into the Clash of the Titans. He wants to put gifts under the tree BEFORE Christmas, who’s heard of such a thing? I mean really! Wait, people do this? HE did this at his house for years! The only gifts that went under the tree before Christmas Eve at my house were those delivered from the FedEx, Mailman or random office Christmas gift for my parents. However, my husband had much different traditions

and they opened many of their presents, from under the tree, on Christmas Eve. As we have moved through time during our marriage, two kids and one dog later, I am still struggling with “my” traditions versus “our” traditions. I want to create our own, which we are doing. We do special things for our boys, just for our family. And my husband honestly is wonderful, helping me hold onto some special holiday traditions from my childhood such as driving around the valley, looking at all the holiday light displays and going to church with my mom on Christmas Eve. These may not have been part of his Christmas traditionally, but they have become a annual part of “our” family holiday celebrations.. we are doing well at creating our own (at least I think we are?)

We have also adopted some of his Holiday traditions too, so hold the phone, he isn’t the only one bending. 🙂 The boys open a special gift on Christmas Eve, gifts can go under the tree as long as they aren’t from anyone-to anyone who lives in our house, and on New Year’s Eve, we leave a special meal for the Holy Spirit in order to bless the home and bring good luck for the year ahead.

I guess for us, traditions are what we make of them. Mine, his, ours – at the end of the day, it is how we celebrate and for us, it just means being together and being a family that really truly matters.

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