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Birthday Celebrations Around Christmas – How Do You Do It?

Christmas Birthday

On December 23rd of 2015, the love of my life was born. Maelyn Eva came into the world at 2:42pm. Best. Day. Ever. (Next to getting married to my hubby!) Now that her first birthday has passed, it has come upon me to hurry and buy all my Christmas presents and plan a birthday party for a 1-year-old! 

I know as the years go by, this is only going to become more & more stressful. Friends will be out of town for the holidays or if they are in town will be busy visiting with family who have come to them! The best I can do is try and keep her birthday & Christmas as separate as possible. 

This year, I have decided to hold her birthday party on New Year’s Eve. Weird, huh?

I plan to do it early (Noon Year’s Eve maybe 😉 ) enough  so that those who have other plans have time to get ready for good times & ringing in the New Year!! 

We also plan to do an intimate, family dinner to help her feel special. Our family is going to create some sort of a birthday tradition for her so she knows she is still thought about specifically for her birthday and not for both her birthday and Christmas. My husband and I are so excited to celebrate her first birthday this year and can’t wait to plan her magical celebration!

What are some other ways you would suggest keeping the two very special days separate? Did I mention my husband’s birthday was December 22nd? Talk about a busy week for our family!!!

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