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Summer Fun: Ideas to Beat the Heat

The older kiddos have gone back to school, but Summer is still here and it’s HOT!!!

While the big kids are at school, the younger ones still need to be kept occupied and entertained despite the soaring temps.

As a mom, you don’t want to take you kids outside in this miserable heat, but then you don’t want to be cooped up in the house all day either! So any fun that includes a cool environment or water, let’s do it!

Here’s a few of our favorite things to do during the summer while staying cool and ways to document summer memories.  

•Home fun: indoor bounce house for toddlers. We bought ours at Toys R Us and purchased additional balls.  

When the bounce house is put away, I bring out the bag of balls and dumped them in the living room and the girls love it! This keeps the girls occupied for a couple hours! 

This is how I’m able to relax, drink my hot coffee and take pictures of them while they’re wearing themselves out before their morning nap! 

Painting: My little ones LOVE coloring and painting! I always have supplies on hand for my little artists. 

This is an easy way to capture the moment by saving your kiddos art work and even incorporating some of the pieces into their room decor. Jenna is very proud of her paintings! 

•Water day/Splash pad: water guns, water balloons and kid pool! All fun and easy at home in your very own backyard. Sometimes we switch it up and go to the splash pad at the Goodyear Community Park. (check out the Guide to West Valley Splash Pads!)

I’m that mom that’s right near her kids at the splash pad with her phone taking pictures! I capture many pictures of my girls and my friends kids. We make it a morning and bring a snack and lots of water!

•Indoor fun: PlayGrounds Fun Zone & Cafe is a hit and summer time is like play date season! ( Check out the Guide to West Valley Indoor Play Places!)

I’m apart of three mom groups and it’s also nice to have play dates at each other’s houses. The kids get to have fun with friends while us moms get to catch up over coffee.

I currently have been trying to stay off my phone but as a mom who loves snapping pictures of her girls every minute of the day, I tend to have my phone on me or near me. My camera app is the one app I use the most! I have always wanted to purchase a nice professional camera but lets be honest, I wouldn’t use it! With an iPhone, I’ve scored some pretty amazing photos. So grab your phone and snap away!

Yet, sometimes it’s hard to capture fun moments while you’re watching your kids and that’s perfectly fine! That means you are “fully” living in the moment and cherishing every minute with your family! Those moments you, and they, will never forget. 

What is your favorite way to beat the heat with the kiddos?


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