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Beach and Two Under Two

It’s summertime, and for many of us that means trips to the beach!

We just got back from a recent beach vacay. I have to share the most hilarious moment of the entire trip. We bought a shade to sit under while at the beach. I found one on sale! It was a lot cheaper than the other shades so, I thought I got a great deal. Which I never told my husband about. I think they must have stopped making these shades, (hopefully they did)  because this thing was impossible to put together. My husband took a good hour trying to set up the shade. He would get one side situated then the other would fly out of the sand. It was absolutely hilarious now looking back at it. Even strangers at the beach were trying to help him set it up! At one point, a guy that came over to help said, “sorry buddy I have no idea how to get this up.” After about an hour (it may have taken longer), we finally set up our area. Finally. 

To be honest, I was a little leery about managing two babies and the beach, even before the whole “shade incident.”  I scoured blogs to try and find what was needed for the beach. I had my second child so close to the first, I really just felt like a first time mom, but with two.

But, now I have a few, of what seem so simple, ideas that really helped make this trip a smooth beach trip. 

  1. Buy a shade. Whether that is an umbrella or a canopy, or even an easy up. Have your hubby get the shade set up before you bring the babies out into the sun. Trust me on this one…

  2. Bring a wagon to carry everything. Our wagon did pretty well maneuvering in the sand and held all of our baby stuff. We had one that had the big heavy duty tires on it. Strollers are not sand friendly. 

  3. Walmart. Walmart. Walmart. They have everything you need for the beach. One item that was wonderful was a beach mat. This mat was only $7 and was a lot nicer than laying on towels.

    1. Sand toys- I found a large pack for under $10

    2. Beach towels- for a $1

    3. Snacks and water

    4. Sun shade

    5. Bathing suit- Since I’m not back to pre baby body and non of mine fit, I picked up a cute one for less than $5

  4. I have a Fisher Price portable sitting chair for the baby (folds up nicely too), I placed that on our beach mat and she was enjoying hearing the waves in the shade and playing with her toys.

  5. If you have a more active baby I would suggest to purchase the Summer Infant Pop and Play. This folds up and is easy to take along. I used it for the hotel when we were getting ready or taking a break from running around.

  6. Snacks! Lots and lots of snacks!
  7. After the wagon is emptied its a great napping spot for the baby too. Bonus!

I ended up not spending that much and we had a blast at the beach. My daughter hated the water but loved to play in the sand. This overall, was an easy trip to do with two under two. If you pack right, and of course, check the shade first!




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