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Battle of the Teething Baby

Babies keep you on your toes.

From the newborn days of hoping and praying for a stretch of three hours to sleep then we’re in the transition of surviving the 4 month sleep regression and shortly after we’re hit with the teething train.

I happen to think the teething train is the worst of them all. I can get through sleepless nights with quad shot lattes but I can’t always take the pain away from my sweet baby who’s breaking teeth. 🙁

Between the two girls I’ve had and dealt with teething there are two things I’ve adopted for my 6 month old and a new product I just recently snagged helping us survive the brutal teething train. Here are my teething tools:: 

The Teething Egg – Quite simply what it sounds like! It’s a hard rubber egg that clips onto babies clothes or bib that they can grab at, gnaw on and drool away. The pressure apply when chewing on anything while teething helps relieve the pain and this does the trick!
Oils – Copaiba to be exact. If you are invested in Essential Oils, you know this driver oil is one that is helpful to pair with others to magnify their elements but it’s also amazing to apply to babies jaw line and rubbed on their gums. We do this 2-3 times a day and it typically helps relieve without having to give Motrin or Tylenol.
A Cool Wash Cloth – This may be a no brainer but my little ones both love(d) to chew and chew on something cold. I never did the teether rings because they ended up too cold for them so we have a cold wash cloth on hand that I can easily rinse every couple minutes and it continually helps them get through a tough period of pain and soothes them.
What are some of your tips for teething babies? Do you think it’s one of the hardest periods of your new babies life, like I do?

This is a sponsored post for The Teething Egg. As always our opinions are our own and this post is an honest review.

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