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Barre 3 Benefits + West Valley Moms Blog Night

Barre3 has come to Peoria, AZ!

Yes, it’s true! Located at 24870 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy suite 103, Peoria, AZ 85383 in the Lake Pleasant Towne Center, you will find a beautiful studio to get your “shakes and quakes” on at!

We were so excited to have a West Valley Moms Blog Team Night there recently. 

You heard right, excited to work out can be a thing. Why would one be excited you ask?! That is because Barre3 is all about going at your own pace! While you do receive guidance from your instructor, they stress that you can do the routine in a manner best suited for you. 

During our studio time, our instructor Carrie Moody guided us through a full body work out that was difficult, but she was available to help us should we need assistance with our form or she would suggest ways to modify the work out for our personal body’s needs (ie back pain, knee issues, shoulder issues.)

Read more about “The Barre3 Basics”

Barre3 is for everyone. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise. Instead, we empower each individual to modify postures and develop body awareness for lasting results.*

Our signature approach to teaching gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn—without pain in areas of the body prone to injury.

Read more about Barre3 Basics Here.

What Our Team Had to Say!

I am a cardio girl! Give me big movements and a pounding heart rate any day of the week. No yoga, no pilates, none of that. But after 3 Barre3 classes, I was hooked. I’ve got a month of classes scheduled at a time and they are at 5:30… IN THE MORNING!! Did I mention I’m not a morning person!? Barre3 has helped me to learn to enjoy getting up early. It’s helped me to learn to love smaller movements and slowing down and remembering to breathe. I know I don’t have to get my heart rate up to 180 to get in a good sweat and a great workout. Barre3 for life!” – Claire

“I’m a newbie to Barre3, but after attending the West Valley Moms Blog team night I KNEW this program was for me. I was sore for a couple days and was amazed that a work out routine with such light weights could get my body moving that way! I will be back to the studio VERY SOON!” – Rachel

OMG. I’ve done multiple rounds and multiple variations of the P90X workouts and Barre3 took me to a whole new level of burn and soreness. The class was fun and uplifting but also pushed my endurance and made me dig deep! The instructors and owner are so friendly and the atmosphere of the studio is awesome!! – Ashley

I was extremely impressed with Barre3 and especially our instructor! She pushed everyone attending the class, but made sure to check on everyone individually to ensure the correct form was being used and that everyone was doing ok as it was the first Barre3 class for many of us! I really appreciated the modifications she gave me specifically, keeping in mind that I was 15 weeks pregnant! Can’t wait to continue Barre3 classes as a way to stay centered and continue on my fitness journey!” – Heather

Barre3 provides a way for whole self-care. When I take a class, I feel energized and uplifted in my mind, body and soul. The instructors give me the freedom to modify for how my body feels in that particular moment, which is such a unique trait in the fitness world. I leave each class feeling centered and ready for the everyday world. I am a better mom when I go to barre3! – Kristi

Barre3 is so much more than a great workout. It’s a community of individuals pushing themselves to be better and supporting one another along the way. I was hooked after my first class because of the deep muscle burn AND the calming effect I felt walking out that night. Large range of motion mixed in with small range of motion, holds, heart-pumping cardio, and stretching. It’s a full body workout that leaves you feeling stronger in both body and mind.” – Carrie

Before I had babies I was in the gym constantly. When I became a mom the typical gym workout didnt work for me anymore. Barre3 gives me a space to not only work out but feel apart of a community. This workout allows you to work with your body. My postpartum body is much different than it once was. Barre3 gives me a work out that speaks to the mind, body and soul! – Danielle


The beautiful and bright studio also offers a retail section where you can find some of your favorite brands of leggings and tops, even sports bars, as well as all sorts of Barre3 merchandise including the softest tanks, adorable hats, and even water bottles. 

Play Lounge

Let’s be real. For us moms, getting out and taking an hour for ourselves, when we have kiddos with us, just isn’t going to happen. But, Barre3 values moms and our need to take time for ourselves and our bodies. The studio offers the Play Lounge area for children 6 weeks and up! It is an adorable little area filled with toys and books, and a sweet staff member ready to play with your child while you get your sweat on! So, you get to take care of you, all while knowing your kiddo is having fun and being taken care of too!

(Play Lounge does have a charge so contact the studio for information.)

So, are you ready to sign up yet?

Visit here for more information or give the studio a call at (623) 566-1112!


Keep an eye out for a West Valley Moms Blog “Mommy and Me Class” with Barre3 North Peoria in May!


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