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Baron’s Best Bets: Spring Edition

Baron’s Best Bets : Spring Edition

A breakdown of fads and trends for the top-knot sporting, legging wearing busy mamas.

When the temperature hit 80* a few weeks ago, I had some major inspiration to attempt a little spring cleaning.  With two littles in the house, I’ve spent the greater of the last few years in maternity clothes. There I was standing in front of a plethora of textiles going on day who knows what of wearing athleisure wear (heavy on the leisure part) and I realized I had no idea what was in style anymore.  So here I bring you Baron’s Best Bets. Every season I’ll research and provide a snapshot of what seems to be influencing our culture which may include fashion, technology, interior design and anything else that pops up!

Let’s be real for a second.  There are a lot of things that are a lot more important than the latest “in” thing.  I am hoping that this will be a lighthearted glimpse into what the rest of the world is experiencing for those days that follow a long night of nursing a teething baby, times when your toddler just colored in permanent marker all over the kitchen cabinets, or any other variation on the stage of motherhood you may be experiencing.  And I hope this goes without saying that what really matters is the health and happiness of those little humans we are all doing our best to raise in this crazy selfie obsessed world.

Dunn Dunn Dunn:

Grandma’s antique china should by now be packed up and stored in the garage to make room for Rae Dunn pottery.  It’s everything you need in dishware that is handmade, whymsical and monochromatic. Not to mention, it finallygives you an actual reason to go to Marshalls, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods.  And people are crazy for the stuff! I’ve actually shipped a box of west coast finds to my best friend in Georgia so she can complete her collection.   

Shine on:  

You could go for the bedazzled additions on your nails like barbed wire, but the most wearable mom look for nails is anything metalic.


Every few years, bangs seem to have a moment just long enough for you to cut your hair then wait for it grow out.  This spring is one of those times!

Let’s get functional, functional:

I have great news for all of you!  According to Functional Fitness, this new trend means that rocking your 15lb baby to sleep, bending down to pick blocks up off the floor, or finally folding that pile of laundry is all working out!  Strength training that enables you to become stronger in real-life situations and not just mindless repetition at the gym.

All Aboard!:

Traveling by way of train isn’t just for Thomas anymore.  A new variety of options means this is a great opportunity to add more than one destination for your trip.  Or you can even consider making the train ride the vacation with plenty of games of I Spy along the way.


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