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Back. To. School.

Back. To. School.

Well it’s not “back” to school for us, it’s our first year starting school as my oldest daughter Jenna is starting PreK and I don’t think I will ever be ready for this day to come!

To be honest, I never thought about it! I never imagined this day would come as I was in complete denial up to the moment of me walking the “back to school” isles at Target.

I kept walking the isles looking for that support book or end cap for us moms who are experiencing this “back to school” life for the first time! Is there a welcome committee with a basket full of items for us moms to get us through the first day/week of school? Like a basket with a bottle of wine, chocolate, Dutch Bros gift card, the newest Magnolia magazine, peonies flowers and a bath bomb?! Wow, that kind of sounds like a basket your hubby should create for you for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but that would still help a mom ease into the school stage of parenting. HAHA!

No, but seriously, is there?!

I have many questions like, did I prepare my daughter enough for school. Did I go over the alphabet enough for her? Did I teach her to count high enough? Will she remember her shapes and colors? Is she going to catch on quickly and enjoy school? Is she going to make friends easily?How do I handle those situations that we all dread about? Did I pick the right school for her? Is God listening to all my insane prayers throughout the day, every day? The crazy lists of “what if’s?” and “did I?” can go on and on. I’m just driving myself nuts as each Monday rolls around and as it gets closer to her start date. The mom guilt and worry, for NO REASON, sets in and I’m not looking forward to letting go of my baby and won’t ever be ready for her to grow up! My husband will read this and will say “get over it!” HAHAHA!

I can go to mom tribe for help and support me, but I’m NOT mentally prepared for the day I drop my baby off at school for the first time. Yes, this is very cliché and normal for every mother/parent to feel like this, but I seriously need a support system to help me function the week prior and up to the day.

Please send me your tips, tricks and any advice that will help a new mom ease into the school life! I already feel like I won’t keep up on the daily lunch packing and I know, that I will be that mom rolling into the drop off line, fresh out of bed! HA!




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