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Back To School – First Day of School Printable

It’s the first day of school and what do WE do best?!

We get our kiddos everything they need from scissors to supply boxes. We feed them breakfast…the most important meal of the day. We help them with their hair and getting dressed. We pack their lunches. We drive them to their school. We show them to their classroom.

Whether we are involved in every step listed above or not, one thing is sure; we are there to help guide them through their little lives.

And before they are off to be independent little human beings in their classrooms we snap THAT picture to commemorate it all…as we JUST MIGHT be blinking tears away. 

If you’re like me memories mean the most. And pictures are a valuable visual to capture a moment that is forever lost in time, which is passing by at the speed of light! My problem is I wait until the last minute and search through ALL THE OPTIONS. I found some super cute signs but nothing that was JUST RIGHT for me.

So I designed a sign for myself. I didn’t think much of it until I had SO MANY friends ask about it that I decided to share it HERE with you!

The First Day of School sign I designed is a customizable one which is part of the charm, I think.

Fun Details Include::

  • Your Child’s Name
  • Grade
  • Age
  • Teacher’s Name
  • Future Occupation
  • Graduation Year

What You Need::

  • Fonts Listed Below
  • Your Camera
  • Cute Kiddo

Free Files::

Don’t forget to download the font styles named A Day Without Sun (age, occupation, grad year), American Typewriter (current grade), Learning Curve (teacher’s name) and News Cycle (student’s name). Linked are the free fonts I selected for the personalized information.

Below is the JPEG file and the PDF file is linked both above and HERE. I have also created an editable Word Doc HERE for those who might not love working in design programs to place the custom parts on their own.

Good luck and DON’T FORGET to tag us in your pictures.



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