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Back to School All-Natural Wellness Tips

Back to school season.

It is one of the most highly anticipated for parents because it means summer is long gone, school is in full swing and routines and consistency are welcomed with open arms. It’s also one most parents cringe about because Back to School inevitably means, germs. And lots of ’em.

I’m Aubrey Kinch, the voice behind instagram @something.essential where I share tons of resources, tips, and product knowledge for Young Living. Today we’re going to break down some ways you can combat those germs with minor tweaks throughout your home so you can *hopefully* avoid the sniffles, tummy bugs, and head congestion over these first few months back.

ONE // Thieves!

I’m sure you’ve heard a ton about the Thieves line Young Living offers but it’s literally packed with all the goodness to boost your kiddos immune system and fight, fight, fight those icky feelings! You can use the Thieves products a few ways but my favorites are Roller Blends, Hand Purifier, and Household Cleaner.


*10ml roller  recipe
15 drops Thieves Essential Oil
fill remaining with carrier oil  (like coconut oil, etc.)+ apply down spine and bottoms of feet for boosted immune systems!


They come in a 3 pack or a large size but for convenience and functionality, we stock up on the little sizes and keep them in purses, backpacks, cars, and in the kitchen. Always encourage those littles one to use this before, during, and after school to fight off the ick.


Talk about concentrated! This 22oz bottle of Thieves cleaner is highly concentrated so when you make your own cleaner, you need 1 capful to 16oz of water making it $.05/qt versus other (chemical-filled) brands at $.22/qt. All the budgeting mamas said “AMEN!”. What’s so great about it? It’s the only household cleaner you’ll need now! Toilet, kitchen counters, appliances, showers, dusting… you name it, Thieves will do it. Bonus!! It’s boosting your immune system every time you’re using it to clean with all the amazing, beneficial ingredients inside. What I love most though is the label on the bottle saying “If swallowed, drink plenty of water to dilute.” — such peace of mind having clean, safe products in our home to fight those Back to School germs!

TWO //Water!!

I know we preach this a ton during the summer months and have those water bottles in tow with us everywhere we go, but mamas, urge those kiddos to drink up and stay hydrated and help their bodies stay healthy! My son recently told me how is legs were aching and he had a headache and *light bulb* he was dehydrated! Guzzle it down! It’s recommended to drink 8 or more glasses of water a day so invest in a water bottle your kiddo will love and be more inclined to always be drinking from.
Tip: Add a couple drops Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Grapefruit Vitality Oil to flavor the water and make it more enjoyable to drink!

THREE // Get lots of sleep!

It’s a fight with my son to get back into a routine of earlier bedtimes but their bodies (and yours!) need it to build their immune systems and to stay well. Make bedtime fun with a routine they expect – dance party before showers, fill the diffuser with a favorite calming blend, get the Magic Timer tooth brush app to make it an accomplishment brushing their teeth and encourage good, restful sleep with at least 10-12 hours each night.


4 drops Lavender
3 drops Gentle Baby


4 drops Lavender
2 drops Frankincense
1 drop Orange


3 drops Lavender
2 drops Roman Chamomille
2 drops Gentle Baby


3 drops Gentle Baby
2 drops White Angelica
2 drops Dream Catcher
Okay friends, your task is to get these tools implemented to keep those babies healthy, thriving, and enjoying their Back to School season! Come say hi @something.essential to learn more about all things wellness and Young Living!
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