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Babysitter Checklist Download Printable!

We have tons of family in town so when it comes to having a babysitter, it’s never been a hired out situation. It’s a grandma, aunt, cousin- you name it but someone we always paid in food. 😉

This past weekend we found ourselves actually needing a babysitter because all family members were booked. Thankfully, we had a recommendation from a fellow resource. All that said, I was a little paranoid and worried about how that would all play out.
Previously being a nanny, I appreciated the family I worked for having schedules laid out, expectations outlined and a simple chart of phone numbers and details that would be helpful for me. Knowing this, I scanned the internet for such printable Saturday morning and with no such luck, finding anything that appealed to me.

Enter the designer side of me.

I whipped up this baby for mama’s with similar taste to me. Nothing too out of character because it’s clean, organized and to the point. I kept finding printables with too many unnecessary details or things I found myself wanting to include, like poison control… because hello (!!) we live in the desert! Those little critters ain’t no joke.
Regardless, I found this the perfect pair of the necessary details while also staying clean and to the direct. My sitter even complimented how much she loved it! Win!

 Click Here To Download Babysitter Checklist Printable

Happy downloading and make sure to pass it along to any mama friends you have!

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