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girl wash your goals

Girl, Wash Your Goals!

Girl, wash your goals?! I have a horrible confession. I may lose friends if anyone finds out who wrote this. It’s the reason I contemplated writing this anonymously, because I may get threats for saying this. It’s caused embarrassment and so many awkward situations for me. Ok, here it is goes…. I LOVE Rachel Hollis. […]

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The Things They Say…

They said there may be days like this. A rough patch caused by stress. Money, family, work, any outside influence, really. But I never thought I’d really be in the relationship where the kids are in one room playing while we are in another threatening each other with divorce. Sometimes it feels like I fell […]

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Pregnancy event

Me-Time and Mocktails for Pregnant Mamas with Dr. Jen Givens

A perfect night out to celebrate your little one on the way! Pregnant Mamas… it’s time to get out of the house, Dr. Jen Givens and her team are going to help! Being a woman, they KNOW that sometimes we need an excuse to spend time for ourselves and just RELAX! They are honored to […]

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