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Out of the Mouths of Moms

I once considered myself a thoughtful “think before you speak” kind of gal. I filtered much of what was running through my head before it exited my mouth. Then I had a child. And some (most) days, the words and phrases that come out of my mouth have me scratching my head in wonder. At […]

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DIY Handmade Fathers Day Card

Save money on buying a Father's Day card by having your kiddo(s) make one of their own! Or make one for your own dad! Handmade cards make thoughtful and unique gifts. This simple card is fun for kiddos, and adults, of all ages to make! It's also not super messy because watercolors are easy to [...]
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healthy perfect FI

Healthy Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Let’s talk about what it means to be healthy. What does healthy look like to you? My answer to that today, as a thirty one year old mom, is drastically different than it was in my twenties.  Twenty year old me though that “healthy” was eating fat free cookies and mindlessly spending thirty minutes a […]

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No Bake Power Bites

Did You Say No Bake?!? These no bake power bites are the best! Do you love peanut butter? What about chocolate? How about together and mixed with other delicious and semi-healthy ingredients? Well I do, and I make batches of these regularly for my family to snack on. They make an easy breakfast to go or post-workout […]

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