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mom guilt

You Got This…

Mom guilt is real.    It’ll sneak up on you out of nowhere and make you feel like you’ve failed. It makes you second guess yourself and feel like you don’t know what to do.    Over the past few months, our family has been hit hard with sickness. We’ve had strep so many times […]

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I Am One in Four

I am one in four.  Three years ago this month, my world was shattered, my dreams were crushed, and my heart was broken. Three years ago, I walked into a routine appointment where I thought I’d be finding out the gender of my baby, but instead I heard four words that changed my life forever, […]

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Hello, Mommy Time!

Whenever I think about leaving my house with my children to go take a fitness class, I think “not going to work.” It’s hard to find childcare that lines up with the class you want to take, the facilities are usually dirty and crowded, or your kids just aren’t comfortable with the area or the […]

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love yourself FI

Go Ahead, Love Yourself.

  It all comes down to one word… “love.” Often times as mamas, this means loving others and forgetting about ourselves.  We are in such a habit of serving our family that our wants and needs get put on the back burner.  We then feel bad about our looks, our weight, or our lack of […]

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