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Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

If you are planning on planting a garden this Spring, you may consider growing sunflowers. They are always really fun for the kids as they grow quickly, usually get very large, and are a beautiful addition to the vegetation. I LOVE seeing my sunflowers growing and blooming with their large yellow faces following the sun […]

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Chicken Coop How To |

How-To: Chicken Coop Essentials

In addition to gardening, our family also raises chickens. They are so fun for the kids and we love having a constant supply of fresh and delicious eggs! I won’t go into all of the reasons we decided to keep chickens in my post today, but if you are interested in starting your own coop […]

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Basic Arizona Gardening Tips

Gardening in Arizona can be tough. Super high temps, very little rain, and nutrient-deficient soil can often times lead to garden failures. But if you have a few important tips to help you along the way, gardening can be a very rewarding experience here in the desert! Today I am going to share the things […]

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Winter Garden Feature

Planting Your Winter Garden in Arizona

Hello everyone! Devin here, from Salt and Pepper Moms! Here in the Valley of the Sun, it is time to start planting your winter garden. Yep! Like right now! We are so fortunate to have a very long mild season with our Fall and Winter weather and it makes for perfect gardening conditions that people […]

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