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I Choose Love

I choose love.  Ever have an in-law hate you? Ever have an entire family look at you differently because they are under an assumption? Ever have stories falsified about you? Ever wonder what in the world you did to deserve such hate? I have been asking myself these questions over and over again. What can […]

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Motherhood It’s A Battlefield

  I finally that ONE YEAR motherhood milestone! Being a mother has changed my entire life. I can’t believe how fast the year fly by. I thought by giving up my career that I worked so hard for I would have some sort of regret. I completed two bachelor degree programs while working 40+ hours […]

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featured no shame in mom game

No Shame In My Mom Game

  I always said when I become a parent I won’t ever do XYZ or I will never XYZ, but Yep!!! I have pretty much been THAT parent. I never wanted to be the mom with 3 different hand sanitizers and soaps just hanging out in the diaper bag but that’s before I had a baby and […]

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featured WVMB not today bunny

Not Today Bunny…

Not Today Bunny:: Healthy Living As A Mother Healthy living is definitely more challenging since I’ve became a mother. Here are the six points that define my mom bod but also keep me striving to be healthy and a little bit of my struggles. First, when people say the baby weight just magically disappears when […]

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WVMB Im Her Mom-2

I’m Her Mom

Changing diapers, screaming and my nipples are in pain from attempting to breastfeed, am I doing this right? This kept sitting in the back of my mind while my baby was just a few days old. Could I truly be ready for this? The complete unknown of motherhood is exciting and nerve racking at the […]

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