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Sex. Yoga. Laundry.

Sex. Yoga. Laundry. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a mama say, “I could go a year without sex and be just fine” …well, I’d probably be able to live for that year without having to work.  I am constantly surrounded by women in both of my professions, I hear a […]

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featured_wvmb_no gear no regrets

No fear? No regrets?

  I have a recurring nightmare.   I started having it when my first child was three months old.  I dream that our family is driving in our car when we suddenly slide off the road and over a cliff.  For what seems like an eternity, I have the heavy sense of falling combined with […]

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The Years Are Short–Adventuring With Kids

This summer holds special meaning for me…it’s the last summer before both of my kids will officially be in school.   Bria will be starting Kindergarten and Declan will be in preschool.   It feels surreal, especially while typing it out.  My friends with older children say, “Just wait.  Wait ‘til they are in active sports AND school.  It gets crazy!”  Honestly, […]

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featured WVMB Why Dont We Love Ourselves

Why Don’t We Love Ourselves?

Even as I sit to write this post, I feel it.  It’s that same little feeling that overwhelms me multiple times per day.  Mom guilt.  Yeah, the kids are asleep, but shouldn’t I be cleaning the house or researching colleges or planning for retirement right now???!!  Yeah, my kids are 3 and 4 years old.  […]

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featured wvmb why its ok to yell

Why It’s Ok To Yell

Why It’s Ok To Yell I’m in my room, folding laundry and I’m thinking about how much I hate folding laundry and how much time it takes to fold laundry and….I hear a scream coming from the living room.  I take off running toward the scream.  It’s Declan’s, and man, that boy is always getting hurt.  […]

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Moms Like Us

Well, it’s officially springtime here, isn’t it?  Yikes, where did our winter go?!  This time of year, it’s our natural inclination to dust off the blinds, open the windows and rid our homes of unnecessary clutter. Springtime is also a catalyst for change…. a moment when we can reflect on our lives and set new […]

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