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Lessons from Our Children |

Lessons from Our Children

Throughout my journey of personal growth I have been on the constant lookout for tips and tools to create the life I want. Firmly believing that the key to a happy life is centered on who I am as a person, I am always looking to learn from those that clearly demonstrate the attributes I […]

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Teaching Our Children to Give | West Valley Moms Blog

Teaching Our Children to Give

Photo credit: Allison Waken of All for the Boys Recently I have had many conversations with parents around the idea of teaching our children to be givers. The reason it is such a hot topic seems to be stemming from two places. First, all parents want their children to know the importance of giving and […]

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Mindfulness for Parents |

Mindfulness for Parents

We spend too much of our life in another place. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have arrived at a familiar destination not really remembering the drive there. How many times have I said, “I don’t remember what I did this weekend”? Can you relate? This happens when we are actually […]

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Mantras for Moms |

Mantras For Moms

Every mom that I know sometimes has doubts. Am I doing the right thing? Should I have reacted that way? Are my children eating good enough? Am I yelling too much? Am I spending enough time with them? Are they learning the right values? These are just some I have thought or heard but I […]

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A Message for the Working Mom |

A Message for the Working Mom…

Motherhood is filled with emotions and challenges. Both stay-at-home moms and working moms face unique challenges that we cannot prepare for or predict. With either path we choose, there is a period of adjustment we all must go through and often it is hard to explain to others. While working moms are very common now, […]

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Creating Balance |

Creating Balance

Moms are busy people.  Whether it is the demands from kids, husbands, friends, families or work, there is a lot for us to balance. We continue to add more onto our plate, and often feel like failures when we can’t do it all. Sometimes it almost seems as if there is a competition out there […]

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Lessons from My First Pregnancy | West Valley Moms Blog

Lessons From My First Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an amazing journey for a woman. Her body, mind and spirit go through many changes, leaving an impression that will never be forgotten. When I first became pregnant I was excited to embark on a new journey discovering new emotions and physical changes. I approached my pregnancy with awe, excitement and curiosity. […]

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