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At Home Workouts: Top 3 Fitness Apps

At Home Workouts: Top 3 Fitness Apps

Oh Arizona in Spring, how do I love thee? Even as a native I’m stopped dead in my tracks sometimes at the beauty of the blooming desert. Unfortunately, what also stopped us dead in our tracks for several weeks now has been crazy allergy and sinus issues. Needless to say, sometimes it’s just hard to drag tired, booger nose kids to the gym or workout class and you feel awful walking them into the daycare room even though you know they aren’t contagious. 

But that’s no excuse for mama to skip her workout! Lacking motivation to push yourself or confused on what to do at home on your own? Have no fear – online workouts are exploding and are a great resource to turn to! From apps and programs like Daily Burn, Cody App and YogaGlo, there are amazing options for your iPad or internet TV to keep you on track even on off days.

I highly recommend you set up your own personal space for your at home workout and communicate clearly with your kiddos that this is mommy’s little slice of time for no interruptions. Children three and older should really be able to get this concept somewhat and setting them up with something safe and fun for them to do off to the side is super helpful. They need to see you taking your health serious and it’s okay for them to see you carving out time for yourself as well! Reward them after your sweat sesh with a little partner stretching or wrestling on your yoga mat! For kiddos under three, aim for their nap time to get your workout in.  

Working Out at Home

Daily Burn: This is a paid monthly subscription with access to several different trainers and instructors including the amazing Bob Harper.  Some workouts require a little equipment like free weights or a box for step-ups but it’s minimal. You will also find some options for pre and post natal yoga as well as some nutrition assistance on Daily Burn – YAY!

Cody App: Similar to Daily Burn in that you will have access to several trainers/experts/instructors, with this app you search for a program or class you want (some are free!) and pay that particular class fee – think of it as an online portal to give you access to good ole fitness videos. I’m a huge fan of Kino Yoga’s ashtanga yoga series – tons of great cues and education provided. And for the inner crossfitter in you, there are some great strength, gymnastics and form based WODs (workouts of the day).

YogaGlo: Lastly, this yoga instructor had to sing the praises of YogaGlo in this post! As their name indicates, this app focuses solely on yoga – you can find more meditative type classes or power/flow type workouts with a monthly paid subscription. I’m a big fan of Kathryn Budig’s classes on YogaGlo and highly recommend you give on a go! As with Daily Burn – there is a free trial period so you have nothing to lose but some unwanted pounds or stress!  

Whatever path you chose, don’t use sick kids or a jam packed schedule as an excuse to skip your “mommy time”. Keeping your health at the top of the to do list keeps you healthy and happy enough to take care of the rest of your family. You got this. 


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