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Why Aren’t Two Kids Enough..

IMG_0189Whew, I’m tired.

Between running a business full-time, running my household (with the help of my husband) full-time and running after two growing boys, full-time, I am tired. So when people bring up the question, “Are you going to have a third baby, go for a girl this time?”

So the question is, am I crazy to look at these people like they are certifiable?

I mean, god bless those parents, both couples and single parents who can handle a household full of kids. However, for me and my husband, we are pretty much outnumbered on any given day. So please tell me why, why must I field the questions on the regular, “Are you having another, a girl this time?”

Aren’t two kids enough?

I have plenty of friends out there who would give their left arm for even one child, and we all understand science, yes?

There are no guarantees in life and if my husband and I were to even try to have another child (which isn’t something we are remotely considering) what guarantees would we have that it would be a little girl? Blessed be all those beautiful little girls out there in the world, blessed be all those moms and dads, raising beautiful young women, but why do we have to be parents adding to the population of the world by bringing in another baby- and trust me, given our genetics and our family, it would be a boy. 

Do not get me wrong, I adore my children- most days, LOL.

All kidding aside, I love my boys with all my heart, would lay down my life for them and wouldn’t trade a moment with them for anything.

But why can’t they be enough for me, why can’t they be all that we need in our lives to make us complete?

I still don’t understand people’s, even strangers, desire to know if we, as a family, feel the need to bring another member into our clan. We feel lucky enough each day to get to spend time with these amazing two young creatures. These rambunctious boys are growing so fast and our family is complete.

We are content and happy and I promise you, yes, two kids ARE enough for this family!

As welcoming as we would be to another child, it isn’t necessary for us to feel complete or feel whole- we are already there. 


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One Response to Why Aren’t Two Kids Enough..

  1. Christy July 15, 2016 at 9:20 am #

    I completely understand your point. I have two boys myself who are now in college, and people often asked if we were going to try for a girl. While I won’t say I wouldn’t have loved to have a girl, two children were plenty and continue to fill my life with joy. I love my boys, and I feel we’ve had a very close and strong relationship with them both, through all the ups and downs of adolescence.

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

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