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Apricot Topper Recipe

An Apricot Topper makes the spread at an event look so fab!

But can we be real for a minute?! Let’s talk about how I dislike dried fruit. It’s a texture thing…I just personally prefer fresh fruit. So imagine my surprise when I tasted an Apricot Topper recently and literally couldn’t stop popping these tasty bites in my mouth! The recipe includes dried apricots so I guess I do like dried fruit after all! 😉

Try this totally tasty and super easy recipe out at your next event or just for a yummy snack that might just get a picky eater (cough cough – like me) to try dried fruit. 

Apricot Topper Recipe
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  1. Dried Apricots
  2. Salted Pecans
  3. 8 oz cream cheese
  4. 4 oz gouda cheese
  1. Allow cream cheese and gouda cheese to soften.
  2. Mix cream cheese and gouda cheese together.
  3. Add mix onto a dried apricot and top with a pecan. That's it!
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