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An Introduction to barre3: A New Way to Exercise, Nourish, and Connect in the West valley

“Exercise, nourish, connect.”

 These are the core components of the barre3 approach, and it is what initially drew me to investigate the company and try the classes.  I loved the philosophy that this was not just a “fitness program” or “workout routine.”  This was a way of life—and it was one that I truly desired as a mom: I wanted the amazing exercise, I wanted the nourishment of my body in the form of the right fuel, AND I wanted to connect with others like me who wanted the same things.  

Sadie Lincoln, the co-founder and CEO of barre3, is an incredible individual on a mission to “make the world a happier, healthier place” (  After learning more about her online, and having the pleasure of meeting her in person in Portland, Oregon (the company’s headquarters), I now have a deep respect for the amount of knowledge and care that she put into curating her company alongside her husband, Chris.

In an interview conducted with Guy Raz on NPR in 2017, Sadie describes how she began teaching group exercise classes over 20 years ago, and has since woven her love of fitness into her entire life.  Her story is interesting and inspiring—she moved around quite a bit as a child, and was parented by her mother and her mother’s four friends, who collaboratively raised all 6 of their children together in Taos, New Mexico.  Sadie remembers vividly being on food stamps as a child.  She claims that she was a “horrible student” in high school, and after graduating, moved to LA to become an actress.  After realizing she actually liked college, she earned her degree from UCLA.   Sadie then acquired a job with 24 Hour Fitness in the San Francisco area, where she was put in charge of the fitness schedules for 25 different locations.  By the time she left 11 years later, the company had experienced much growth (430 locations), and Sadie had gained experience while reporting directly to the CEO, Mark Mastrov.  Along the way, she met her husband, Chris, who also began working for the company.  

However, after having her two children, Sadie recalls feeling a sense of loneliness while describing that the fitness industry was failing her.  Desperately seeking a sense of community, she and her husband sold their house, packed their belongings and moved to Portland, Oregon, where they had planned to live off of savings for one year while pursuing the option of opening the first barre studio in the area.  After opening her original barre3 location in 2008 with help from just one investor (24 Hour Fitness’s Mastrov), she received much interest from those wanting to franchise.  Barre3 currently has over 100 locations around the globe, while offering over 250+ online workouts, and a variety of whole-foods recipes. Lucky for us, we have a fellow West Valley mom opening a barre3 studio right here in Peoria! 

This is what I fell in love with about barre3 from the beginning—they are a company seeking not just physical, but whole-body health, while building a community of support and recognizing that it’s all about balance and moderation.  In every class I attend, the instructor encourages me to listen to my body; to take what I need from the class, and to let go of things I know won’t serve me in that moment.  Barre3 has given me a fresh outlook on fitness—maybe it will open your mind to a new way of approaching your health, as well.

Kendra Zimmerman, a fellow West Valley mom, is opening a barre3 studio in Peoria in the upcoming months. Our very own West Valley Moms Blog contributor Kristi Hunter, author of this post, is a barre3 instructor. Stay tuned for more about barre3 and it’s incredible approach to fitness, especially for moms. 

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