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A Penny in My Piggy

By the end of the day, my living room has turned into a playroom, and looks like it’s been hit by a category 5 hurricane. Anyone else?

A couple of girls, who I can often describe as Tasmanian devils, like to pull out every single toy, dress, shoe, crayon and coloring book we have. With it getting hotter outside, doing more activities inside can leave you with a mess. Every night before I go to sleep, I try to get the house back in order (which, let’s be honest, it’s not every night.) Really, the two things I like to do is pick up all the toys and put them where they belong and load the dishwasher. Going to bed and waking up with a tidy house has a calming feel to it. Especially before the kids wake up and destroy it all over again. 

This is my solution!

Thankfully my kids are still at a young enough age where they are motivated by coins and not dollars… yet!

A few weeks ago I purchased piggy banks for each of them thinking that it will help with our hurricane issue as well as normal, everyday chores. My oldest is 3 1/2 and loves to scroll through Amazon and look for the “coolest Barbie or Peppa Pig toy” that she wants. So I told her if she helps out a bit more around the house then she can earn money and eventually get the toy she wants. This was great motivation for her and she loves helping me now! Knowing that she will earn some quarters and change when she helps me has been great incentive. My next little girl is 21 months and literally wants to be just like her big sister! Which comes in handy for things like this. She copies her every move! I’m hoping this excitement over coins will stick around long enough to potty train her. Fingers crossed!

We also made up a song that they both will sing while we clean up. Our littlest girl is only 9 months old! I know in a few months she will definitely be participating more in the mess making. When they are done they stand there waiting for me to give them their money! Its a fun thing to do and actually something they enjoy doing.

I think it is important to reward your kids on good behavior and listening. Obviously, there is your every day stuff that they learn they have to do without some type of reward. But when they do something extra- it gives them a confidence boost and makes them want to help you out.


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