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A Customized Learning Experience with Mathnasium

Everyone can learn, just not always the same way.

That is what I have been stressing to my nine year old niece, Rylee, since she started fourth grade in August. We went from a public school to a traditional school this year and we noticed the difference from the get go- more homework, presentations, book reports and tests. They are also a year ahead in math- so, if a student hasn’t been at this school since Kindergarten they may be behind or fall behind quickly and that was the case for us.

Not only is it easy to fall behind in math if you do not fully understand what you are being taught before the next lesson is beginning, it also can be discouraging. Being in a class with thirty two other students doesn’t help either. We started school tutoring two days a week, which was helping raise science test scores and giving extra time to practice spelling words but when it came to math we needed to start back at the basics. At least that’s what Rylee’s teacher said to me.

Mathnasium couldn’t have been introduced to me at a more perfect time. Right when I was beginning to get discouraged for Riley, who had been working so hard, we got the solution to our problem –  Mathnasium.

The Process::

I called to obtain more information and found out it was as simple as bringing Rylee in for an assessment, which from there they would make her a customized learning plan. That’s the best part, that’s what she had needed all along- to work on exactly what SHE needed extra help with, not what fourth graders or even her class was working on, but to start right where SHE needed.

When we were driving to Mathnasium, I asked Rylee, “Are you excited?” (I was!) Her response was, “No! Math is boring!”

I quickly explained that it wasn’t going to be like school but instead they were going to be able to work one on one with her and make it fun to learn. She kept an open mind but I could not believe her reaction after she completed her assessment. They print the results out right there and go over them with you. Rylee was ecstatic that she answered entire subjects 100% correctly (subtraction, multiplication, number value). While, other subjects she didn’t answer any correctly and got a zero for those sections, which ultimately leads to what areas they will work on during future visits.

What I didn’t know- you pay a monthly fee for a group setting, individual tutoring. I assumed, we would pay more for the more we wanted to come (ie: one time a week vs three times a week) Nope! It works like a gym membership. You pay for the month and can drop your child off for an hour a day (Monday through Thursday and Saturday).

Rylee asked to go this past Saturday and because she is out of school this week asked to go again on Monday morning- who is this child? A tiny bit of hope, of confidence and one on one attention can make a world of difference.

Day one, Rylee knew exactly what to do. She signed in, grabbed her binder and got right to work (to win some awesome prizes)! It was refreshing knowing I was leaving her at a place and with people I could trust.

I highly recommend Mathnasium to anyone currently discouraged with math, don’t lose hope. Mathnasium is an amazing resource for you and your family to utilize!

Perks- Other than seeing your child’s smile- The Surprise location in next door to Dairy Queen- hello peppermint, chocolate blizzard. The North Peoria location is in the parking lot of Super Target- hello an hour feeling like five minutes.

We meet them where they are and take them where they need to go. The results are: changes in attitude, confidence and school progress. – Mathnasium

Check back in January for a follow up post to see how Rylee had done with 2 months of tutoring with Mathnasium!!!

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This is a sponsored post for our partner Mathnasium. We received tutoring services at no cost for our review. As always our opinions are our own and this review is an honest one.

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