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9 Creative School Valentine Ideas

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It’s that time of year again! Do you know what you are sending with your kids to school for their Valentines (or Caring Day –as our school calls it) class celebrations? Sure. The easiest thing to do is to grab the box of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Valentines for your child the next time you are at Walmart, but whoever said that easy is fun?

One of our family’s insane traditions, is to create clever and memorable Valentines for my kids to hand out to their friends each year. This actually is not a common practice among my children’s classmates–they usually only bring home one or two handmade Valentines each year, so there isn’t outside pressure to do this. I just enjoy it and take much more satisfaction out of handing out something that I am excited about. Last year while I was pregnant, I nearly succumbed to the enticement of taking the easy route like everyone else. But one time when I took goodies into my daughter’s middle-school class for her birthday, her friends began rattling off every Valentine (and birthday) treat we had ever done. They remembered them all! And they loved them!

Besides the enticement of impressing their friends, we have had some fun bonding moments together, designing and assembling the Valentines for their classmates…even if that sometimes means a later-than-normal bedtime on Feb. 13th.

Here is a sampling of the school valentines that my kids and I have created over the years. Click on the links to go to my website for more details on each valentine. Many of the ideas I’m sharing here are photo-based. These actually end up being easier to assemble than a lot of DIY crafty options. You don’t have to be a whiz at photo shop to create them either. Upload your photos to PicMonkey, edit and add your text and design there. Save your image and send it to your favorite photo lab and have them printed as a 4×6 photo prints. At places like Costco, that ends up being really inexpensive. I hope you find some ideas to spark your imagination here, and banish boring valentines forever!

1) Nerdy Nerds and Smarties Valentines

Nerdy School Valentines wvmb feature

The nerd trend has been surprisingly hot in recent years with nerd glasses and bow ties popping up in fashion and everywhere. We did three different Valentines with this theme to reflect the individual nerdiness of each child. Click to see what my daughter’s card says and to read all the details on my blog.

2) Fortunate Valentines

fortune cookie valentine wvmb feature

What about when Chinese New Year hits at that same time as Valentine’s Day? These fortune cookies are perfect! We jazzed them up a bit by dipping them in candy melts with sprinkles. Read about them here. 

3) Big Kiss Valentines

school valentines big lips wvmb feature

These photo card Valentines, have become a hit on Pinterest. They are pretty easy, too! More details on the blog.

4) Love Note Valentines

love note valentines wvmb feature

Here is a sweet idea for the musical kid in your life or their teachers.

5) Friendly Word Search Valentine

creative school valentines wvmb feature

How much would your children’s classmates love seeing their name in this personalized valentine?

6) Army Guy Valentines

creative school valentines army guys

Sometimes it is hard to find Valentine ideas that are cute for boys. These army guy Valentines will impress your little guy as well as his friends’ 80’s-music-loving parents.

7) I’m With Cupid Valentines

I'm with cupid valentine wvmb feature

 I did some photo trickery and editing to create this one, but if you have a cute and squishy bundle of joy hanging out at your house, why not dress him up to be cupid for Valentines Day?

8) A Flower for You Valentine

flower valentine wvmb feature

I’m not the first to use the photo fist valentines, but these never get old, do they? That year, my son couldn’t take any sweets to school, so we got creative about what he was holding. The teachers LOVED this!

9) Kisses for You Valentine

Kisses from Kira wvmb feature

Kisses. Get it? In the picture and candy kisses as well. Who wouldn’t feel the love?

I have all sorts of Valentines ideas on my blog as well as an enormous Pinterest board dedicated to creative school valentine ideas. There are a ton of them! What are your favorite Valentines to send or receive?

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