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6 Sleep Aids For Kids That We Love

Are your littles like mine and cry nearly daily about the dark? I can’t get too mad about it because I too struggled with this in my childhood.

We have worked out a routine. Maybe not the perfect system for some. But basically they have to go to bed in their own rooms every night. We start bedtime that way but if they need us at night we are available to them. Most of the time they make it through the entire night in their own beds with no problem. Some nights I wake up *hello heavy sleeper* to 5 of us all crammed in tight. Like I said not perfect for some. 

So whats the issue your wondering? We are about to move. And rather than being mere steps from our bedroom door our kiddos will now have to come out their bedroom, down a hallway, past a loft down one set of stairs to a landing, down a second set of stairs to a landing, and finally down a final set of stairs. It doesn’t stop there. They have to walk past our home entry, keep going by the powder room, through the kitchen that leads to our great room, walk into the doorway and they have FINALLY made it to our bedroom where they will find comfort if they need it. I sat there thinking about the “journey” that they now will face in comparison to the current layout. I kind of freaked out. How is this going to work? I’m leaning hard on amazing brands like Hatch Baby to help us through what I think might be a potentially difficult change.

So I came up with a list of items that I think would be helpful during our transition to the new house.

  • Consistency – comes first. As with anything with kids consistency forms habits and habits lead to that behavior that becomes second nature…AKA going to bed right away.
  • Lighting & Sound – I have used some awesome products in the past but now with my kids being older a light up toy doesn’t seem to be the best choice. After lots of hunting I came across Hatch Baby Rest. This product has the look that any aged child would love and functionality that Mom and Dad can’t live without! We put this night light and sound machine to the test and couldn’t be more pleased. It works by connecting to an App right on your phone. You can set times, colors and sounds to be customized to your littles liking. And even a “OK To Wake” Light. Yes please! Hatch Baby has really thought of everything. Lighting, sound, style and an interactive element. 

  • Essential Oils – smell along with a lighting and sound is huge. So we have a selected a diffuser that matches the modern and sleek of our Hatch Baby. Our favorite scents include Lavender and KidScents Sleepyize.
  • Loveys – something to cuddle with. Who doesn’t love cuddling with something soft? I just love these Cuddle and Kind that provide 10 meals to children in need for every ethically, produced hand-knit doll. I thought would be fun to order for each of my kiddos.
  • Baby Monitor – if they can hear us and talk to us they will know we are still close by. I want our kids to know we are right there should they need anything so we plan on getting a sound only monitor where we can talk to each other since the new house wouldn’t have an intercom system.
  • Even more lighting – stargazing to soothe them. I figure a star projector lamp is an added bonus and thought a light that casts stars onto their ceiling will give their rooms a cozy feel. We can suggest they count stars until they slumber to sleep. Much better than counting sheep LOL!
  • Customized pillowcases – I’m working with a local shop Hustlemama Handmade to make pillowcases (that match our back to school goodies) as another cute perk to going to bed – and hopefully staying there.

More benefit information about Hatch Baby Rest

  • Control by touch or from your phone – No need to disrupt your baby during sleep — control Rest remotely from your phone.

  • Customize your sleep environment – Simplify nighttime feedings and diaper changes with adjustable hues, brightness, and sound.

  • Save favorites to aid sleep – Select from preset light and sound themes (or create your own!) that promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production, for a better nights rest.

  • Create programs to encourage healthy routines – Set a bath time program to let your toddler know it’s time to get ready for bed, or set OK-to-wake to let your toddler know when it’s ok to get out of bed.

  • Style to match – Select from our collection of fun coverlets to coordinate with your child’s nursery or bedroom (sold separately).

This is a sponsored post for Hatch Baby. We received product in exchange for our review. As always, our opinions are our own and this post is an honest one.

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