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6 Pool Exercises

6 Pool Exercises

If you are like me then you lose a little bit of fitness motivation during these hot months of Summer here in Arizona. I love to run outside and lets face it unless I get up at 4am it is just not going to happen. So I started doing a pool workout and it may not be the most intense, but I am staying cool and getting my heart pumping. Here are a few of the exercises that I have enjoyed.

Find an old pair of running shoes and put them on and you will also want a light pair of dumbbells maybe 3-5lbs. Be careful not to drop them in the pool because they can cause a lot of damage.

  1. Treading water for a certain amount of time with tennis shoes on is great.
  2. Sit on a step and do arm exercises, you want to do more reps less weight, so do a set of 50 for each exercise.Try to limit breaks so you really get muscle fatigue.
    • shoulder press
    • front raises
    • tricep extensions—after the 50 hold and pulse for a count of 10
  3. Do 100 jumping jacks where you can stand in the water and use your weights.
  4. On a step with shallow water you can do 25 push ups and hold a one minute plank and then repeat.
  5. If you have a friend who want to join you, grab 2 noodles, go to the center of the pool, one person holds one end of each noodle and the other person does the same, you will both tread water and move the noodles as if they were ropes in a gym, both of you are doing it which causes great resistance. You will fatigue quickly with this so each time try to last just a few seconds longer.
  6. Laps are always wonderful, do any stroke and just keep going!

6 Pool Workouts

Make sure that you hydrate after your workout, since you are in the pool you won’t notice yourself needing it as much but you definitely will need to refuel! Hope you enjoy a fun summer shake up workout!

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