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5 Ways to Use Your Garden Zucchini


Hello everyone! This is Devin from Salt and Pepper Moms bringing you some more garden tips! Today I want to talk a little bit about zucchini. I don’t know about you, but when we add a zucchini plant to our garden we end up with loads and loads of zucchini for months on end. Although we love it, it can start to become a challenge to know what to do with it all. I have to start researching zucchini recipes so we don’t get sick of it and to keep it from all going bad on my counter before I use it. So I thought I would share 5 of my favorite ways to use zucchini and hopefully this will help you know what to do with your zucchini harvest as well!

1: Baked Zucchini with Parmesan Cheese

For some reason zucchini and parmesan cheese go perfectly together. It’s like peanut butter and jelly or strawberries and chocolate: a match made in heaven. Baked zucchini is super, duper simple to prepare and such a delicious and healthy way to use your harvest. It makes a great side-vegetable for your dinner or a nice afternoon snack when the kiddos get home. My boys gobble this right up!

Recommended Recipe: Baked Parmesan Zucchini  by Damn Delicious

2: Zucchini in Soup


Have you ever tried adding zucchini to your soup recipes? It’s a great addition with a mild flavor and a nice texture. I like it best when it is shredded. Yum yum yum! It’s also an awesome way to slip extra vegetables to your kiddos without them even noticing. Score!

Recommended Recipe: Tortellini Sausage Soup  by Our Best Bites

3: Zoodles


Ever heard of zoodles? They are zucchini noodles and they are delish! I haven’t actually made them myself yet but I have the inexpensive “Vegetti” tool now and I am ready to start zoodle-ing! I’m sure my family will love them with traditional spaghetti sauce but I have a number of recipes I am excited to try out as well, including my recommended recipe below. It sounds SO good.

Recommended Recipe – Zucchini Pad Thai Noodles by White On Rice Couple

4: Zucchini Bread


In my home, we LOVE zucchini bread. The other night I made 4 loaves and 2 were gone by the next morning. My boys can seriously put away some zucchini bread. It is moist and sweet and similar to banana bread, although in my opinion it is really better than banana bread.

Recommended Recipe: Zucchini Bread  by Our Best Bites

5: Zucchini Fritters


Ok, I was wanting to try this one for a long time and just recently got around to it. Zucchini fritters sounded so amazing to me, they were at the very top of my recipe to-do list, and they did not disappoint. I tested out my recommended recipe below and loved it. You won’t want to skip the chili lime mayo… drool!

Recommended Recipe – Zucchini Fritters with Chili Lime Mayo by Family Feedbag


I am really enjoying trying new things with my zucchini this year and can’t wait to discover great new ways to use it. I hope this post gave you a little inspiration as well! Good luck with all of that zucchini!


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